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Measuring processes: maximising performance

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

When asked to describe a USP for Telos Analytics then it absolutely has to be the work we have done creating a 21st Century way of measuring time and motion. This allows us to very quickly understand for any modern business what resource is required versus what resource is assigned to any given task. The more tasks that are recorded the more holistic a view we can give of a companies resource requirements.

Once complete we can immediately identify top performers versus those that need support. We can understand which members of the team are using the most efficient process and which members of the team may be elongating the process. This allows an understanding of "one best way" which, if adopted, will give an immediate boost in productivity.

Once we know how long the tasks should take, we can use this information to produce a range of reports that allow managers and leaders to have performance led conversations with their team members. The sheer act of implementing performance reporting will boost productivity. It might sound incredible but I've seen increases of 50% in productivity with no other change than letting the team know the reporting was in place, and then allowing them to measure their performance against their peers.

This can all be done with software that already exists on any windows PC, meaning very little if any disruption to a business whilst we gather the data required. It also means that we can keep the costs affordable.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business.

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